What are some ways you connect with your school community?

If you want to maximize your school’s effectiveness in educating and growing students, get as many hands on deck as you can!  

As an instructional leader in a district with great economic and cultural diversity, it is a priority for me to take steps to actively invite and include all members of our school community.   Some of the ways that I have made connections with the school community are as follows:

*Hold a parent orientation/parent night where teachers are able to meet with their child’s teachers and ask questions about the new school year (for those families that are not able to attend, post a PowerPoint or google presentation to the school’s website).

*Create vlogs that deliver important information to families.

*Invite family members to school for breakfast or lunch with their student - Pancakes With Pop, Muffins With Mom, Lunch With Loved Ones, Donuts With Dad...the titles are endless!

*Invite community businesses to present their profession or career to students on Career Day.

*Invite family members to serve the school in various capacities:answering phones in the front office, making copies, laminating, cutting out, secret reader, teacher perk day, lunchroom duty, library book helper, recess games etc.

*Postcards to students in the summer welcoming them to the new grade level written by the teacher or administrators.

*Encourage regular communications from school to home- Newsletter, SeeSaw App where students upload videos of their work explained and parents view their videos (digital portfolio), EduCreations, Twitter, Voxer, Remind, RoboCalls etc.

*Culture Day where students are able to represent and present their culture and customs to the school and invite the community.

*Hold faculty or grade level meetings in teacher classrooms so that teachers are able to host and welcome each other.

Having worked at a school where these practices were common, their positive impact was very evident.  The performance of the school was outstanding and the culture was amazing because we had many hands on deck!